As data scientists, we use terminal a lot- to run experiments, to write code, to change parameters, etc.

That was the main reason for us to build a simple and easy to use CLI tool, so you can keep doing what you love the way you know it, just faster and more organized.

With CLI installed, you can create projects, run experiments, start notebook sessions and sync projects from the CLI.

In the following guide, we'll walk you through installing Ruby and cnvrg CLI gem 

  1. Install Ruby
  2. Install CLI
  3. Login to

Install Ruby CLI was built with Ruby. Ruby is a great programming language and can be very easily installed. currently support Ruby 2.5.


To install cnvrg CLI on a MacOS environment, make sure you have Homebrew installed, and simply run:

$ brew install ruby


Installing cnvrg CLI on a Linux OS is fast and simple. If you're using Debian/Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install ruby-full

Got other Linux flavour? use the this link


Installing cnvrg CLI on a Windows OS is fast and simple. 

  1. Download RubyInstaller from this link and follow the installation steps.
  2. Launch Ruby by search "Start Command Prompt with Ruby" *
    * Keep in mind that whenever you want to use the CLI you'll have to open the command prompt this way

Download cnvrg CLI

Now that you have Ruby configured (make sure by typing ruby -v in your shell), you may move to the next step and install CLI.

Open the terminal and run:

$ gem install cnvrg

If you get a permissions error, try to use:

$ sudo gem install cnvrg

Verify cnvrg is installed

$ cnvrg --version

If the output was a version number, then you're all set! Cheers! 🍻

Sign in to cnvrg

Now you're ready to login, please use the following command to sign in to the platform.

$ cnvrg login

Sign in to your private environment
When is installed on a private environment, please set the CLI to communicate with your environment unique WEB url, i.e.

$ cnvrg --api 'https://client/api'

if you're not sure what's your unique WEB url, login via the web and copy the url from your browser or contact our support for additional help,

You're ready!  🚀

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