supports git version control with a seamless integration to work with cnvrg File System. With this git integration, you can use an external git repository to track your code and files and use to track your data science (models, experiments and more). Git Integration Overview

When integrating cnvrg project with git, cnvrg will automatically clone your git project before starting your work. Any artifacts and assets that are created during the job (models, datasets, plots) will be stored in cnvrg File System and will be associated with the job (experiment / notebook / flow) for future reference. will not push anything to your git repository.

How to link your git repository?

Step 1: Create a cnvrg project and click "Link to git"

To link a git repository to your project, simply go to your new created project and click the Link to Git button (in red):

Step 2: Enter your git repository information

To enable cnvrg access your git repository, you'll need to specify its URL, a default branch and a private SSH key (if it's a private repository). Please click to learn how to create an SSH key on BitBucket, GitHub and GitLab.

Note: when using BitBucket, the URL of the git repository should start with "" -
This link is displayed when pressing on the clone option and after switching to the HTTPS method

That's it! Your git repository is now linked to your cnvrg project.
In the project's settings, you can view the linking details, with an option to remove the integration if necessary. 

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