supports git version control with a seamless integration to work with cnvrg File System. With this git integration, you can use an external git repository to track your code and files and use to track your data science (models, experiments and more).

We have previously described how to use project-based git integration in this guide:

However, there's another way in to access your git repositories. In the following guide we'll describe the steps to add your git token to your account at, so you can access any private repository in your personal git (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab) account.

Step 1: Create a token

Use the following link to generate a personal token in your GitHub account:

Step 2:
Click your username on the top right in your environment and add your token to under your personal account settings.

Hit save, and you're good to go!

In future projects, you won't need to add a private SSH key if your token already covers that project.

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