Many machine learning experiments, jobs or even notebook sessions are producing artifacts like: models, images, plots & more.

We made it really easy for data scientists and developers to explore experiment's artifacts, and have them versioned, stored and accessible via the job's artifacts section.

For experiments, simply scroll down below the log, and you'll see the following section:

As you can see, in this case periodically syncs checkpoints from the experiment and add it to experiment's page with different commits.

To view your files in that section, you will need to trigger a sync request (using the Sync button). Keep in mind, that automatically syncs your experiment when the job is finished.

I am using git integration, how can I use to sync my artifacts? has first-class integration with git software. Developers that use git to manage their code can use to track & manage their artifacts (any file size!) 

Simply save everything you want to track in the output folder (should be in your project root directory), and will automatically pick it up when syncing.

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