cnvrg gives you the ability to create an automated pipeline of tasks, that are called flows.
In order to create a flow you can go to the Flows tab and click on Create New Flow:

Next, you'll be directed to the canvas for creating new flow in the project:

You can rename the flow by editing the New Flow  titlw on the left corner.
In order to add tasks to the flow, you need to click on Add, and to choose a task to add.
You can add 3 types of tasks:

  • Data task - Connecting or creating a dataset to use in Tasks
  • Task - The ability to execute a script with multiple parameters. cnvrg will calculate all the different permutations of the parameters and will run them in parallel (like hyper search). ¬†
  • Deploy - The ability to deploy a trained model to a secured endpoint

Adding Data card:

  • Click on Add
  • Click on Data
  • Choose an existing Dataset or Creating new one by drag & drop new files:
  • Choose a name if you chose to create dataset
  • Click on Save

Now you have a Data card in your new flow

Adding task cards:

  • Click on Add
  • Click on Task
  • Choose a script to run in the main screen that opened (click on Enter, or on the suggested script)
  • Optional: Add parameters to the Script: (Parameters value should be separated with comma)
  • Optional:: Change Advanced Setting (change compute and image)

  • click on Save Changes

Connect your data to your newly created task, by dragging the boxes on the canvas, and linking between them:

You can create as many tasks as you want as shown here:

Adding a Deploy card:

  • Click on Add
  • Click on Deploy
  • Choose environment, file and function
  • Optional: Change compute under Advanced
  • Click Save Changes

And connect it to the current flow:

When you're ready to Run, click Run:

Running a Flow

When you execute a flow, cnvrg will calculate all the routes the flow has created and will show them in one unified table, so it will be easy to track, search and compare:

By clicking on one row you can track the uniq path in the flow:

That's it!
Start building and sharing your own flows today!

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