When having long-running experiments or  many experiments  using grid search, tracking their progress is important.
Users can set up their slack channels to receive notifications on experiment's status changes.

Set up on slack 

Below instructions need to be done once for your organization

Activate Incoming Webhooks:

  • Log in to your slack, and go to your slack apps
  • Select Incoming Webhooks
  • Click Activate Incoming toggle to switch it on

Add New Webhook to Workspace:

  • Go to your workspace apps
  • Click on Add New Webhook to Workspace
  • Choose Channel 
  • Click on Add incoming Webhooks integration
  • You'll receive Webhook URL which you'll need to save and paste it in cnvrg organization's settings

Now go to your organization settings, and paste your WEBHOOK URL:

click on Update

Set up your project to use slack notifications for your experiments

Below instructions need to be made for every project

  • Go to your project settings
  • For sending notifications to a user: @user, i.e. @leah
  • For sending notifications to a channel: #channel, i.e. #research
  • Click Save

Notifications will be sent when your experiments change their status:

  • Experiment has finished running Successfully:
  • Experiment has finished running with an Error:
  • Experiment was Aborted:
  • Experiment's spot was taken:

  • Experiment is restarting due to IDLE or SPOT taken:

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