JupyterLab is the next-generation user interface for Project Jupyter in a flexible and powerful user interface.
cnvrg is now supporting JupyterLab and soon will remove the support in the classic jupyter option.

With the support of JupyterLab, users will be able to launch their jupyter notebook in the new and improved interface allowing having full control for git projects(push,pull etc).

Launching a JupyterLab Session:

  • In your project, go to the Notebook Tab
  • Click on Start Notebook
  • Click on JupyterLab Icon
  • Choose as usual - Compute, Image,Dataset, git options (if it's a git project)
  • Start!

In a few minutes you'll be transferred to the JupyterLab session:

  • To access the git console, click on the git icon (third on the left):

Your pem key or access token used in cnvrg need to be with write permissions to be able to push changes to your git repository

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